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Temperature Transmitter with Indicator

1. Range: -200 ~1600℃.
2. High accuracy, anti-interference, good long-term stability.
3. Integrated structure, can display its real-time measuring value.

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Temperature Transmitter with Indicator

Description of temperature transmitter with indicator

UTB9 integrated temperature transmitter uses thermocouple or thermal resistor as temperature sensitive

element, it can measure temperature of all kinds of liquid.  It transform thermocouple's or thermal resistance's signal to 4~20mA standard signal, simultaneously has real-time indication function on the spot.

UTB9 integrated temperature transmitter is the model with LCD or LED indicator.It uses integrated electric circuit, which guarantee its stable signal and clear display, this is very convenient to calibrate and inspect the gauges on the scene.

UTB9 temperature transmitter with indicator has been widely used in chemical industry, petroleum industry, metallurgy industry, light industry, food, electric power, and energy management etc.

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Features of temperature transmitter with indicator

Range:-200 ~1600℃.

◆High accuracy, anti-interference, good long-term stability.

◆Integrated structure, can display its real-time measuring value.

Specifications of temperature transmitter with indicator

measuringgas or liquids compatible to stainless steel

temperature ranges

thermocouple: E,K, S,B

thermal resistor: PT100,Cu50

insert depth50mm~2000mm(as customer's request)

thermal resistor: 0.5%FS(standard); 

thermocouple: 0.75%FS

output signal4~20mA
long-term stability<0.25%FS/year
load resistanceRL(max.) =(V-12)/0.02, V:power supply of transmitter
ambient temperature range-30~+80℃
displayLCD or LED
temperature coefficient of zero0.2%FS/10℃
temperature coefficient of span0.2%FS/10℃
process connectionG1/2 or others
electrical connectionM20×1.5 (female)
material of wetted part1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel
material of housingcast alaluminium
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