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Differential Pressure Transmitter

Remote Differential Pressure Transmitter

●Have strong self-diagnostic capability;
●Wide ranges from 0~100Pa to 42MPa;
●Accuracy better than 0.1%FS or 0.2%FS, rangeability 15:1;
●Zero and span adjustment without mutual influence;
●Have prefect remote setting, local setting as well as adjustment function;
●2-wire system, Hart Protocol;
●Use digital compensation technology to compensate for temperature and system pressure error;
●Good stability, high accuracy, adjustable damping, strong unidirectional overload capacity;
●Optional of diaphragm material (contact medium), explosion-proof.

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Remote Differential Pressure Transmitter

Description of remote differential pressure transmitter

 UIB3351 series remote differential pressure transmitters are suitable for the measurement of flow, level and pressure This product has strong adaptability and high reliability, and also has good anti-interference ability and zero stability. Its accuracy reaches 0.1%FS. UIB3351 can be made with HART Protocol communication, can be communicated with many hand-held communicator like HK- 375 & Rosemount 275 etc.

 UIB3351 remote pressure transmitter is composed of pressure sensor and PCB. The pressure sensor includes sensing   element, EEPROM and other parts; PCB includes micro processor, digital/analogue converter, digital communication and   memory EEPROM etc, to complete the conversion from pressure signal to 4~20mA DC signal.

  Features of capacitive differential pressure transmitter

  ●Have strong self-diagnostic capability

  ●Wide ranges from 0~100Pa to 42MPa

  ●Accuracy better than 0.1%FS or 0.2%FS, rangeability 15:1

  ●Zero and span adjustment without mutual influence

  ●Have prefect remote setting, local setting as well as adjustment function

  ●2-wire system, Hart Protocol

  ●Use digital compensation technology to compensate for temperature and system pressure error

  ●Good stability, high accuracy, adjustable damping, strong unidirectional overload capacity

  ●Optional of diaphragm material (contact medium), explosion-proof

  Specifications of capacitive differential pressure transmitter

Applicationmeasurement of gas ,  liquid or steam
Pressure range0~0.1kPa...40MPa
Output 2 - wire 4~20mA, and superimposes  conforms to HART Protocol
Power supply12~45V DC, standard 24VDC

Load resistance

The max. allowed load resistance on circuit is determined by power supply;

For HART, 250Ω≤load resistance ≤ 1100Ω

Indicator0~100 linear meter or digital indicator
Temperature effect<0.03%FS/10 for GP DP transmitter

System pressure effect

±0.25%FS/10MPa for DP type(can be revised in pipeline pressure);

±0.2%FS/32MPa for HP type,(can be revised in pipeline pressure)

EMI / RFI interference effect20~1000MHz, output drift less than 0.01%FS if field intensity reach 30V/m

Mounting position effect

Max. 0.24kPa. When liquid membrane is mounted horizontally, zero drift at 

most 1.25kPa.

Zero drift can be modified and without any influence for range 

Temperature range

1. ambient temperature:-40~+85℃,-20℃ ~+65( for indicator)

2. medium temperature range: -40~+120℃

3. storge temperature range: -40~+105℃

Relative humidity0~100%RH


3.5kg( standard configuration without mounting kits,height: 190mm )

Electrical connection: M20x1.5 or NPT1/2

Process Connection

1. 1/4NPT Femal   2. connector

Diaphragm material316L, hastelloy-C276, or monel
Vent/drain value316L,hastello-C276,or monel
O-ring materialsnitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, Teflon, metal sealing ring
Electronic shell and coatinglow copper alloy, anodic oxidation, spraying polyurethane
Sensor filling liquidsilicone, fluorosilicone oil
Meter cover and display box10mm toughened glass, nitrile rubber seal

Intrinsic safety: Exia II Ct6; flame proof:Exd II CT6

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