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Ceramic Pressure Transducer

Ceramic Pressure Transducer

●High measuring accuracy, high stability, high reliability;
●Automatic testing, laser trimming compensation for temperature;
●Small profile, light weight the weight, high frequency response;
●Good ability of anti-corrosive, anti-attrition, and anti-impact;
●Wide operating temperature range

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Ceramic Pressure Transducer

Description of ceramic pressure transducer

UPC3 ceramics pressure transducer is made based on advanced high temperature agglutination technology, it is designed for use in application where the pressure is created by the corrosive pressure medium. The pressure diaphragm of this transducer is made from ceramic material. Ceramics are well known material for its high elasticity, good corrosion resistance, anti-attrition, anti-impact & vibration features.

Because of the good stability of ceramic and its thick-film resistance, this transducer can be operated in a higher temperature range; at the same time, this also makes the zero & sensitivity thermal shifts over the whole operating temperature range of the transmitter is very small. Ceramics' heat-stable characteristic and its heavy film resistance enable it to have the high operating temperature scope, and also guarantee its measuring accuracy and high stability simultaneously. The pressure act on the ceramic diaphragm's front surface without any liquid transmission in the transducer, which makes the diaphragm have small deformation. The thick- film resistance is printed on the ceramic diaphragm's back,and is connected to build the Wheatstone electrical bridge.

UPC3 is designed for use in most industrial application, and it is suitable for contacting most pressure medium (including corrosive medium) directly.

Features of ceramic pressure transducer

High measuring accuracy, high stability, high reliability;

Automatic testing, laser trimming compensation for temperature;

Small profile, light weight the weight, high frequency response;

Good ability of anti-corrosive, anti-attrition, and anti-impact;

Wide operating temperature range

Specifications of ceramic pressure transducer

pressure mediumgas or liquid compitble to stainless steel and ceramic
pressure ranges0~1bar...200bar
overload pressure 150%FS
output signal2~4mV/V
accuracy0.25%FS, 0.5%FS(standard)
zero offset  <3%FS
long-term stability <0.2%FS/year
compensated temperature range0~70℃
operating temperature range-10~90℃
storage temperature range-30~100℃
temperature coefficient of zero0.3%FS/10℃
temperature coefficient of span0.3%FS/10℃
input/output resistance10kΩ
insulation resistance 100MΩ@50VDC
response time≤1ms
process connectionG1/4 or others
electrical connectionhirschmann connector and others
material of wetted part1Cr18Ni9Ti
material of pressure membraneceramic
material of housing1Cr18Ni9Ti
sealing fluorine rubber sealing ring
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